Free Your Hands: Best Breast Pump for Mother


This article is about to tell you how to find the best breast pump on the market…

Importance of breastfeeding

It is not long history that physicians began to recommend the breastfeeding for the mothers. For the decades before 1970s, breastfeeding was discouraged by the conventional medicine. By now, we have concluded that the breast milk is the perfect food for a baby as it contains all adequate nutrients.

Additionally, some substances such as colostrum in the breast milk support the immunity system that is important and beneficial for an infant for the first 6 months. There is another benefit, infant has a higher risk of developing allergy-related disease, for example eczema if taking infant formula from cow or soy as it contains more allergenic substances than human breast milk.

What’s the benefits of breast pump?

Physician suggested that the feeding is good communication opportunity between mother and baby. It cannot be replaced simply by the nursing bottle. But under following circumstance, you may need the breast pump to assist you in some.


The breast pump may help a new mother with following benefits:

Firstly, for a newborn or premature birth infant may don’t know how to suck mother’s nipple, or sometimes the baby bites nipple that causes the pain and irritation which can make a nursing mom stop feeding earlier before six months after the birth of infant. So you need the breast pump to collect breast milk to nurture your infant.

Secondly, using a breast pump will help a mother if she has depressed nipple which make it difficult for breastfeeding;

Thirdly, sometime it is not so convenient for a mother to feeding the baby, if you’re quite busy in office, far away from your baby or in a public place but you don’t want to waste the plenty of breast milk and relieve the breast engorgement .

So if you’re looking forward to find the best breast pump for yourself, here is some suggestions before you make the decision:

  • No pain when pumping
  • Easy for use and sterilization
  • With diversity accessories for different occasional

Electric breast pumps are more powerful and convenient than manual pumps, for the consideration of functions and daily usage.

  • More efficient and free your hands with double pumps
  • More comfortable when select expression speed, more stable session of the vacuum during expression phase
  • Easier to clean and sterilization for the part

Which’s the best breast pump on the market?

We know that there are much choices on the market for the breast pump, such as Philips AVENT, Ameda, Medela. Here we recommend that Medela Pump In Style Advanced On-the-go Tote Set is the best breast pump than others.

The best breast pump, Medela Pump In Style Advanced is with most recommendation stars after popular customer reviews, you may refer to the product features as below:

  • Can be plugged in AC or AA batteries, whenever you’re indoor or outdoor
  • Two stage system stimulates the natural express of a infant nursing pattern
  • A cooler bag with ice pack, supporting a temporary storage of the breast milk
  • Fast expression within just 6~10 minutes, saving more time if pump three time a day
  • More comfortable experience than Swing

Although Medela Pump In Style Advanced is a little bit expensive than the single electric pump, or manual pump, but you know that it worth the price, as it save more time and more comfortable if you need pump frequently day and night, or are a working mother without too much free time.

To produce more milk, you may refer to a book The Breastfeeding Mother’s Guide to Making More Milk by Diana West.

Some tips you may interest, Nonprescription Drugs for the Breastfeeding Mother by Frank Nice.

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