3 Tips before you choose the best prenatal vitamins

Before you start to choose the best breast pump, during the pregnancy period, you will have to know which is the best prenatal vitamins, you should learn some tips before you pick up prenatal supplement in the market or GNC store.

1, You should know the information in the product label.

For example, FDA required each of the nutrient supplement should have DV (Daily Value) marked for each of the vitamins and minerals in the multi-vitamins product. But as we know, the DV was established in 1968, it’s totally outdated comparing the current RDAs.

best prenatal vitaminsLet’s take the vitamin A as example, for the 4-8 aged children, the DV is 5,000 IU, but actually the UL(Upper Intake Level – which means the highest dose of daily intake that is likely show no harm or risk of side effects to the health of most the people) value established in 2001 is only 3,000 IU. It’s really dangerous when you want to know whether the vitamins or minerals are over dose for you or your family member.

So please read some files about the RDA, you may learn RDI (it’s based on the older standard RDA – Recommended Dietary Allowance from 1968) for each of the common vitamins or minerals.

Especially, before you choose the best prenatal vitamins, you may need to know that some over dose vitamins, like vitamin A, vitamin D or iodine will cause some problem potentially may hurt the pregnant women and infants.

2, the UL of the nutrients vary according to people’s age and gender, just like the RDAs. So for the health person you don’t need to take over dose vitamins or minerals. Unless you get the profession advise from a doctor’s for certain conditions. For example, a pregnant woman may need extra iron if she’s with anemia caused by iron deficiency.

3, Some measurement you need to know about:

1 gram= 1,000 mg (milligram)

1 mg=1,000 mcg (micrograms or μg)

But for some vitamins or minerals, you will find it is marked in IU – International Units that is measured by its activity not by weight. E.g. Vitamin D and vitamin E.

Maybe the above tips are still not enough for you make the final decision to choose the best prenatal vitamins. But I still hope you can feel more confident when you’re reading a supplement label before the vitamin shelf.