Some Good Helpers Beside The Best Breast Pump

Natural breast milk from mother is better than the milk from cow, goat or soy milk for a baby. It has less allergenic substance than those from animal or plant that will definitely cause infant’s allergy reaction, such as eczema. We have one handy helper when women breastfeeding her baby: the best breast pump. And now we can give you some good suggestions or helpers if you have following special situation may make you feel troublesome during your breastfeeding period.

best breast pump

1, nipple pain

Although with our best breast pump: Medela Pump In Style Advanced, breastfeeding women will feel more convenient when she is busy on business or personal affairs, but sometimes the baby still can hurt mom’s nipples when she is feeding her baby. Especially when it comes to the time of baby’s teeth growth, it will absolutely hurt mom’s nipples when baby bites unconsciously during the breastfeeding. That will be the major reason most of the mothers cease the breastfeeding because it really hurt and irritated.

Here is the suggestion to relief this embarrassed situation. There is one double-blind research in Iran, ┬áit will help prevent nipple and aureola cracks if the mother apply one kind of peppermint water – lukewarm peppermint tea to her nipples.

2, need more milk supply

As the baby grows, mother need more nutrients intake to supply the breastfeeding milk. Traditionally the herbs, such as milk thistle, fenugreek and chasteberry were used to promote milk supply, but actually there is no study can proof whether it works or not. There are mixed result for this purpose, acupuncture is also not so reliable.

We suggest provide more high quality protein taking during mother’s breastfeeding life beside the best prenatal vitamins (most of the prenatal vitamins can be taken in postnatal days). More animal source foods about 3.6 OZ -5.4 OZ daily proposed to increase in mother’s diet, more eggs, fish, and sea food. The best cooking method is stewed to produce more juice, that will help the increasing the supply of breastfeed milk.

Does the above information help you or not? It’s hard to be a conscientious mother if you want to breastfeeding your baby. With the best breast pump helping you, and take care of your diet, of course if you have any question, please contact us.